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The Not-So-Crafty Duo Rides Again – Glass Etching

Once upon a time there lived an awesome duo: the Involuntary Housewife who was not-so-crafty and the Dancinblind photographer who kinda thought she was. Together they decided it would be a good idea to get together once a month or so and test out the crafty pins of Pinterest because “putting Pinterest to the test one mess at a time” was the Involuntary Housewife’s specialty, and documenting all the craziness was Dancinblind’s specialty.


The last time I got together with my sister-in-law, Miranda, from The Involuntary Housewife we debunked the theory that a crayon could safely be pushed through a hot glue gun in a gentle manner to create chevron art on a blank canvas in our Crayola Project.

The Not-So-Crafty Duo rides again…. this craft project: Glass Etching

For the last month we have gone back and forth about our next collaborative project. Timing was tough for both of us to get together but once we did we assumed that this project would be rather uneventful and safe. I mean, how dangerous could glass etching be? Well, the danger label on the etching proved us wrong, as well as phantom burning pains that Miranda is still experiancing.

I don’t think this glass etching craft ranks in the epic failure catagory, but after a couple trial and errors the end result was close to what we had hoped for. Miranda made a cookie jar just for her furry kids and I made a hurricane candle vase for my mantle.

Here is a link to the whole post over at The Involuntary Housewife, I hope you have as much fun reading it as we did attempting glass etching for the first time!


The Involuntary Housewife: The Not-So-Crafty Duo Rides Again – Glass Etching


The Not-So-Crafty Duo rides again, this time to conquer the Pinterest Craft: Glass Etching. Will it be an epic fail or unexpected success for The Involuntary Housewife and Dancinblind?


And at the end of the day I think the happiest camper was Doodle knowing all her cookies were it a custom cookie jar just for her.


The Not-So-Crafty Duo rides again, this time to conquer the Pinterest Craft: Glass Etching. Will it be an epic fail or unexpected success for The Involuntary Housewife and Dancinblind?

Oh, and while you are there, check out Miranda’s Test Archive of various Pinterest tests. Whether you are looking for something to clean your floors or clean your face, feed your belly something sweet or feed the family something savory, she has a great collection of Pinterest pins.

If there is something you would like to see us test, leave me a message below and we will add it to our files :O)


Till next time,

Dancinblind Photography LLC






Blue eyed memories and angels wings

Somedays are easier than others.

I can move through the day without barely a thought or a memory. And then there are other days, the days when I am so strongly reminded how important my passion is and why I should press through. There are the days when I walk into the studio and see the image him licking the watermelon, one of the very last clicks of the shutter that ever happened with him in front of my camera

….and I wonder why after all this time does his death still affecting me and my work. Why is it everytime I pick up my camera and focus on the subject in front of me, the memory of his smile and bright blue eyes is focused in my mind.

Why is it a little over a year after his passing does he still consume my thoughts and dreams? Why do I still shed tears as though it was just yesterday when Mike said those words that shook my life and made me contiplate never picking up the camera again. Why can’t I move pass this?

Why. Why is it even as I stand here in my kitchen, half drank cup of coffee, tears swell up at the corners of my eyes waiting for the moment I blink to roll down my cheeks.


In my heart I know that I’m still mourning his loss. I don’t know if there will ever come a time when I have a newborn session where I don’t think of him. He was my first.

A photographer freezes time in pixels, so the moment at the time can always be a memory.

It’s so very tough looking back at that moment in pixels and know that he is just a memory too. Alive in our hearts, our dreams, our spirit.

Robbie took up a very special place in my heart. Not just as a client, or a family member, but as an angel. Reminding me everytime I pick up my camera I’m creating a memory for a family.

Those days when it feels too tough, too slow, too fast, too confusing, too raw. Those days when you question the why, the how, the art, the vision,

and sadly even yourself…..

Always remember Rissa,

Tomorrow isn’t promised to us.
And sometimes when the tomorrows come, and they will, all anyone has left is the memories.

And your job is to make sure that when all they have left is the memories, they have a moment captured in time to cherish. A picture doesnt have to speak a hundred words,

All it needs is one.


Embrace it.

The Crayola Project ~ Chevron Crayon Art

So, I thought I’d try a little something out of the norm from the pictures of happy families, squishy babies, and beautiful bellies. Today’s guest post is by my sister in law Miranda from The Involuntary Housewife…. it involves lots of coffee, crayons, and this wonderful design we all love now called chevron.

Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite danish, kick your feet up and enjoy a laugh :O)

And if you’re up for more of our shenanigans…. let us know and we’ll make it a monthly craft fest of epic  failure   proportions :O)


I want to thank Marissa for inviting me over today to write about this project from Pinterest. She asked if I would be interested in doing a collaborative post on it. Testing Pinterest is exactly what I do over at The Involuntary Housewife so it sounded like a great idea to me. I hope you guys enjoy our collective endeavor, we have talked about doing it once a month and would love to know what you think about the idea!

I was glad to know that someone would be working with me on this project because I have the crafting skills of a monkey. Which may not be fair to the monkey, it is very possible that they can out craft me. However, I have yet to meet a monkey that I would trust with a glue gun, so there is that. Now that I think about it, I’ve never actually *met* a monkey so I could be wrong on that count too.

In some part of my brain I thought that together Marissa and I could make this project work and I would finally have a successful craft to post about. What I neglected to consider was that when we get together we are almost a tragic comedy. I have no idea how two intelligent and capable women can turn into complete idiots just by being in the same vicinity. We once got lost in a familiar area looking for something, even though we were using a GPS. Eventually we did find a Sonic, got a nice cold drink and decided that whatever we were looking for was not worth it.

I really hope you are ready for this one!











Chevron Crayon Art


Looking at the project I was sure we could pull it off. All we needed was a canvas, a glue gun (which, by the way, will never be the same once you use a crayon in it!), tape and crayons. Michael’s had an excellent sale on most of the stuff that I needed so I think my total “investment” was around $7.


Melted Crayola Crayon Art

Before we got started we had to take apart and rebuild the glue gun. I pressed Joe into service for this part because if it plugs into the wall I deem it to be his responsibility. He grumbled at me for interrupting his valuable video game time but gave in and took it apart to remove the trigger mechanism.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art

I started out with the intention of measuring the canvas and carefully plotting out where my stripes would go. That didn’t happen, after we finished stuffing ourselves with boozy cupcakes from Baked N More, enough iced coffee to float on and some cinnamon rolls I was a little too hopped up for any kind of measuring…so I started tearing off equal(ish) strips and laying them out sort of evenly.

Making the strips manually was so time consuming! 2 1/2 hours later Marissa had the brilliant idea to lay out tape strips across the entire canvas and cut away the parts we didn’t want. SO. MUCH. EASIER. An exacto knife (or in our case a paring knife because I have 6 million of those laying around) works perfectly to lift the tape and cut from underneath to take out the unwanted portions. We had to follow up with a pair of scissors to clean up some of the edges but it only took 15 minutes or so to get the second canvas done.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art

Marissa modified her canvas for her daughter and used tape to lay out her name before even starting on the chevron stripes! Making sure that it was completely even and laid out correctly looked complicated and I’m glad I only had to watch that part.

We used my original painstakingly laid out canvas as a test, the stripes were still not even and it was sort of a mess already so if it didn’t turn out none of us were going to cry about it.

We started heating up the glue guns and refilled our coffee while we waited. Then we began the process of shooting FLAMING HOT melted crayon at the canvas! I cannot stress enough that protection is required on  whatever surface you are using for any project that involves heat and glue/crayon/liquid projectiles. This was a huge mess and I was so grateful that I had blanketed my entire dining room table with newspaper.

You remember that we removed the triggers from the glue gun so that the crayon would fit? We had to manually push the crayon into the gun so per the original blog instructions we used a pencil.  Idiocy struck once again and I used the pointy end rather than the eraser end.  When the crayon is melted in the end of the glue gun and you jam in a pointy pencil, it sprays in a rather explosive manner from BOTH ENDS.

Note to self:  Using the pointy end to push superheated crayon wax through a glue gun results in flying hot liquid everywhere causing much jumping, yelling and a huge mess.


Melted Crayola Crayon Art

We started with a red crayon and not only did the canvas look like it had been present at a murder scene, it also shot out the back and all over (I am not sure how I got elected to wield the glue gun…oh yeah, the photographer was taking pictures for posterity and giggling like a maniac!) However, I can tell you that melted crayon does not stain your skin and the horrible burning sensation fades quickly and doesn’t do much permanent damage because crayon wax cools fast.

The first and second stripes we did with the glue gun, eventually Marissa took a turn to make sure that it wasn’t going so badly because of my lack of skill. (I think she is still trying to get all of the crayon wax out of her hair, so obviously it wasn’t just me!). We used 2 crayons for each stripe and we were still a bit short. Not to mention that it did not look anything like what it was supposed to.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art

Joe wandered over to see what the yelling was all about and to make sure that no one was seriously injured. He had a suggestion about how to make it work. His method involved using string as a wick and turning a crayon into a candle then using it to drip wax down the canvas. I know, I promise that we were not so far gone that we even considered it. Open flame next to a canvas sounded like a disaster in the making. Unfortunately, our refusal to use his method disgusted Joe and he stomped back over the couch and grumbled about just wanting to play his game anyway.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art



We finally decided that the glue gun was not going to work. We went back to Pinterest looking for inspiration and a way to salvage our project. We found this and thought it would be the perfect solution.






Crayon Art

We grabbed the second canvas that we tested the full tape strip method on.  I stole Joe’s blow dryer and he had sort of a meltdown.  He was concerned that I was going to ruin it somehow.  I asked him what damage I could possibly do to a blow dryer.  He took an exaggerated glance around the dining room and said “have you seen what you did to the glue gun?”  I chose to ignore him and we moved right along.

One of us had to hold the crayon and the other had to aim the blow dryer. It didn’t work well either, possibly because his blow dryer has a diffuser on the end? I tried to get him to help me take it off but he was ignoring me and periodically telling me it would be easier just to light a crayon on fire. Fine, we just had to come up with something else.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art


I dragged Joe upstairs to help me unearth my old embossing gun.  I noticed that he didn’t grumble about his game being interrupted and he had sort of a death grip on his blow dryer.  We had to move a bunch of stuff around to find the bin that holds my crafting stuff and then dig it out of the box but, y’all it was totally worth it. It worked!

We handed the embossing gun to my niece and used a pair of pliers to hold the crayon against the canvas. If you can get the right angle on it and move in tandem it turns out exactly how it should! VICTORY!

Melted Crayola Crayon Art

We all took turns testing it on the second canvas to make sure that we had it down before we started on the one for Marissa’s daughter. The first 2 canvases were disasters, I briefly considered putting them up on ebay to see if anyone would actually buy them. Hey, they were totally “art”, then I thought about how horrified I would be if anyone actually bought them and decided that the garbage can was a more appropriate resting place. Maybe it will give my garbage men something to laugh about when they pick up the trash.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art

Marissa and I did the last one together, I wielded the embossing gun and she handled the crayon. We used 2 colors for each of the chevron stripes and I have to admit that it turned out amazing. It was hard to find the perfect angle to make sure the crayon melted in the right direction. I needed to be pretty close to the crayon and the canvas while attempting not to give Marissa 3rd degree burns. Somehow we managed to walk away with no lasting scars and we even had a sense of accomplishment, we did it!

Melted Crayola Crayon Art


In the end we spend 7 hours, melted 30 crayons and destroyed 2 glue guns. Then there were the untold number of disasters both great and small before we managed to turn out a single useable canvas. I admit that we may not be the best crafters around (understatement anyone?) but we managed to pull it off and apparently my niece is already looking for another crafting project for us to take on next month! I will be sure to check my homeowners policy to make sure that crafting accidents are covered…and maybe invest in some protective gear.


Well, that was not the end…

You see, I (Marissa) suffer from what my husband calls ohhh shiney disease. Honestly, I think it’s a polite way to say I have ADHD but I enjoy life and it’s little distractions. Especially glitter :O)

I mean, whats not to love about glitter…. well except for the clean up?? Which is precisely why Miranda said any project involving glitter would not take place at her house.

I had this golden idea that we should take Ivy’s name that was looking rather bare after the tape was removed and coat it with modge podge and glitter. Of course Ivy was all over it like white on rice (I wonder where she gets it from)

So in my hasty excitement to mix glitter and glue with Ivy (and forgetting any kind of newpaper portection in the kitchen in the process) we happily spread a copy cat modge podge (I only bought it becuase it said you can use it on canvas, lol) and then proceeded to sprinkle glitter over the latters.

Melted Crayola Crayon Art

In the end, despite hours trying to put tape on a canvas only to yank it off and start over, the projectile vomiting of melted crayon on us from a hot glue gun, the multiple change of decisions in the how-to (not) create a Crayola Melted Crayon Canvas (say that 5 times fast after 5 cups of coffee)  I would say we did pretty good.

But, I’m pretty sure the next time you pick up a hot glue gun from the craft store it will come with a warning notice courtesy of some engineer who read this blog post….

~~Crayons should not be forcibly shoved into any hole in the hot glue gun for the purpose of creating art~~

See ya next month… I hope;)




Franci Allyson Haynes - July 22, 2013 - 10:56 pm

So wish I could take part!

[...] Dancinblind Photography – The Crayola Project [...]

Little Crystal’s 6 month session ~ Missouri City, TX

Oh sweet little Crystal, you are such a happy little baby and bring smile’s to all who cross your path. I have photographed you since before you were even born, and you were just a sparkle in your momma’s eye (for a look back, check out momma’s maternity session here). And once we welcomed you to the world, your momma’s arms and a family full of love you were a sparkle in everyone’s eye. I was honored to be able to shoot your newborn session and meet you for the first time. And to see you at your 6 month session now, well ~ I will admit I get a little teary. You are growing up so quickly and I know it won’t be long before we are celebrating your first birthday. You are such an amazing little sweetie and I get so excited every time momma says it’s time for another session! I have watched you grow into such a beautiful little girl. Your eyes are truly amazing, filled with wonder and curiousity for the world around you and you have such a spunk and personality all your own (though I do know your momma, so I can say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). When momma wanted to split your session into two different styles, of course I was happy to oblige. Momma said she wanted something fresh and colorful (and pink) as well as the vintage theme you have carried so well from your newborn session. One trip to Hobby Lobby with a basket of different colors of pink tulle for your pink ombre backdrop, oversized daisy’s, and a colorfull fabric remnants for your custom bunting, and a colorful owl to keep watch and our spring pink setup was complete! After a followup search on Etsy I found the cutest lace romper to compliment the vintage headband I made for your session. And of course, no session would be complete without your Winnie the Pooh. Happy 6 month birthday Crystal!! I can’t wait to see you again in 6 months and complete your Watch Me Grow! sessions for your first year :O)

© 2013 Dancinblind Photography LLC Missouri City, Texas Custom Children

© 2013 Dancinblind Photography LLC Missouri City, Texas Custom Children

© 2013 Dancinblind Photography LLC Missouri City, Texas Custom Children

© 2013 Dancinblind Photography LLC Missouri City, Texas Custom Children

© 2013 Dancinblind Photography LLC Missouri City, Texas Custom Children


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Vicci Haynes Wesselhoft - May 30, 2013 - 2:39 am

Love the pictures you took for Sara Ellis. Nice work.

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